"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." Winston Churchill
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Terena Thomas, CEIP-ED is the founder of Hooves for the Heart, LLC and has been successfully using horse interventions to help heal emotionally disturbed children since 1988. Terena is a Certified Equine Interaction Professional by the Certification Board of Equine Interaction Professionals. She is certified through the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) and the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association. This dedicated young woman is a Red Cross First Aid and CPR instructor with special emphasis on animals and children. She holds a BS in Psychology from University of Colorado. Resume.

Animals have always been an integral part of Terena’s life. Growing up as a birth child in a therapeutic foster family, she learned the importance of respecting life. Learning how neglect, violence and intimidation had negatively affected the children in her home, she concluded early on that setting clear boundaries with fair consequences solved or prevented many conflicts. She learned the same was true for animals. For years, Terena witnessed the animals soften the often angry demeanor of the foster kids; they were a conduit for healing the human spirit from trauma.

She believes we can make a difference with these tough kids and created a dynamic program to make it happen. Her specialized skills in dealing with high-risk and violent children have enabled her to design the powerfully effective riding program It's Not Just Horsing Around with Defiant Kids.